Our Vision

Our vision is to have a fully functioning website where people can post prayer request and have them prayed for. The website will also have pages for helpful videos, articles, calendar of events, advertisements and a donate button so people can donate to the cause. This website will be multidenominational meaning that it is useful for anyone who believes that Jesus Christ is Lord and only through him can we enter heaven.

The Visionary

The CEO and Founder of Let’s Pray Bahamas is a young man by the name of Malcolm Floyd Arthur Foulkes. Mr. Foulkes is a National Youth award nominee and recipient in the category of Religion. Mr. Foulkes is a published author of the Book Jesus and The Holy Spirit. He is the CEO and President of Let’s Pray Bahamas, King’s Club International and Malcolm Foulkes International. He is a Conference Host, Evangelist, Intercessor, Entrepreneur and Charity Worker. Mr. Foulkes believes that no-one is too far from the grasp of Jesus. He came a long way after being involved in gang activity and rebellion as a youth. He is respected among his peers and he believes that his life is a true testament that all things are possible through Christ.

Current Prayer Request

Malcolm Foulkes: Praying for finances for roof.
May 3, 2016
1 praying. – Pray Now.
Malcolm Foulkes: We Pray for the Churches in the Bahamas
April 28, 2016
1 praying. – Pray Now.
Malcolm Foulkes: Pray against the plan of ISIS!
January 7, 2016
4 praying. – Pray Now.

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